Maybe it was my fault from the start, I never spared a thought for others. I always thought that what I was doing was right and it would’ve brought smiles to people. But nope, sadly it didn’t and I guess I’m just insignificant. I’m sorry. Am I too nice to deserve it? I’m not being arrogant or anything but “You’re one of the nicest person I’ve met in SR” “Thanks a lot Wing! Really appreciate it!!” are some of the common compliments I get at times and these really spurred me on and meant a lot to me. But compliments went the only things that meant to me. Criticisms too. “Don’t treat me so nice” “Don’t waste your time” were some of those I received too. It’s not that I can’t take criticisms but why do people like to put others down with such words? Can’t people spare some thought for me? Can’t they just take a bit of appreciation for it? But then again, it’s good that there’re truthful, at least I know where I stand. So, to what extent should humans be truthful? Is being truthful now a moral or pragmatic moral value?
It really sucks to know that people do not appreciate your effort but it sucks equally to know that you’ve been in a deluded state all this while.